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Spanish Classes Abroad

SpanishBlackbelt is a leader company specialized in providing intensive Spanish language tutoring programs in the United States. We have made this list up to help you consider studying abroad if preferred.

Star Travel and Language Directory - Worldwide Travel sites and Language resources. Hotel, airline, tourism bureaus, State Tourism offices, Language Schools, Dictionaries and more.

Spanish Courses Abroad - Start learning Spanish today with our free quality online resources and prepare yourself for your study abroad experience in our online community for learning Spanish.

StarStudy Abroad - GSE offers study abroad programs for students to popular destinations around the world.

StarExchange & Solutions- E&S has a wealth of experience in intercultural student exchanges. Its main aim is to offer students the best solution for their learning through the sharing of cultures and different lifestyles in a Spanish speaking country.

StarSpanish schools - Find a Spanish language school with our worldwide language schools directory.

Spanish classes by country:



Spanish classes in Argentina - Spanish language school in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish for Kids - Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires Argentina at AMAUTA Spanish Language School: Spanish Classes and Spanish Immersion programs and volunteer work, Study Spanish now.

Patagonia Spanish - Learn/Study Spanish in Argentina - Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Chile

COINED Argentina - Spanish courses and intercultural programs in Argentina and Chile: The best way to learn Spanish and have a taste of Latin American culture.

GIC Argentina - Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, Spanish School and Study Abroad Programs

Espanex, Español para Extranjeros - Intercultural programs abroad which enable you to know our culture and country in depth.



Bolivian Spanish school - At the Bolivian Spanish School, we work hard to allow our students to fully experience the vibrant culture of Bolivia and Latin America in general.

Runawasi - Offers Spanish, Quechua and Ayamara lessons at all levels. Advanced students may specialize in Bolivian and Latin American literature or a subject of their choice.



The Ixchel Spanish School - One of the leading Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala, the Ixchel Spanish School is committed to providing top-quality Spanish courses to students of all levels. Spanish immersion courses include one-on-one instructions, daily cultural activities, and family homestay.

Tecún Umán School - Learn Spanish in Antigua Guatemala

COINED Guatemala - Private Spanish courses and mini group Spanish courses to meet your needs and expectations.

Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School - Quetzaltenango Xela Guatemala - Intensive immersion Spanish language school, volunteer opportunities, medical Spanish and business Spanish options.

APPE Spanish Language School - Antigua, Guatemala. APPE has one School based in the centre of Antigua and another in San Juan del Obispo both offering a wide range of Spanish language courses and volunteer programmes for all levels and ages.



CPI is the only Spanish immersion school in Costa Rica with campuses in three diverse regions of the country.

Fores - Forester Instituto Internacional, a Spanish language school in Costa Rica, offers several exciting programs of instruction in the Spanish language. Its short term immersion courses--1 to 4 weeks--are very popular among visitors to the country.

Ilisa - Intensive Spanish language training for motivated adults by well-trained and experienced teachers in first-class facilities at a great location in beautiful and friendly Costa Rica.

Conversa - Conversa has been helping students learn Spanish in Costa Rica since 1975. At Conversa we offer only the highest quality Spanish programs by addressing all aspects of our students' experience in Costa Rica.

Universal de Idiomas - With over 26 years teaching Spanish, Universal de Idiomas Spanish Language Institute is one of the most experienced Spanish schools in Costa Rica, and the perfect place to learn or practice Spanish.

ICLC - Located on top of a small hill with a view of distant fields, the Institute is only 10 minutes by bus from Alajuela (10 miles west of San José, the capital of Costa Rica). Email Brad at to inquire.



Equinox Spanish School - Oldest Spanish school in Quito, Ecuador with over 25 years of experience



Intercultural - We are one of the few Spanish language schools in
Cuernavaca, Mexico that offers Spanish language programs in 100% Spanish, insuring that you will learn Spanish effectively and quickly.

Spanish Courses in Mexico - Our Spanish courses in Mexico have intensive, interactive programs designed to meet the needs of each student.

Guadalajara Language Center - Learn Spanish in Mexico. Guadalajara Language Center offers Spanish Immersion Language Courses and the chance to live with a Mexican Family for an unforgettable cultural experience.

IMAC Spanish Language Schools - Learn Spanish abroad: Spanish language courses in Mexico & Latin America

Habla Hispana Spanish School - Learn Spanish in a friendly and personalized environment at Habla Hispana Spanish Language School in San Miguel de Allende, colonial gem of Mexico.

Spanish Institute of Puebla – Sipuebla is a well established Spanish Immersion program with proven methodology and a great atmosphere for learning spanish in Mexico.



Spanish language school - Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, with Wiracocha Spanish School. Our language school offer, spanish language course in cuzco, spanish immersion course, intensive courses, quiz and test, scholarship, business spanish, study and learn spanish fun and quickly.

Spanish for Kids - Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru at AMAUTA Spanish Language School: Spanish Classes and Spanish Immersion programs and volunteer work, Study Spanish now.

Spanish in Peru - Learn Spanish Language in Peru. Study Spanish in three different enigmatics places of incas empire: the archeological capital Cusco, the Sacred Valley of Incas and Rainforest of Manu.

El Sol Escuela de Español - El Sol Spanish Language School in Lima, Peru, is specialized in Spanish language courses for international students from around the world.

Peru Language Center - Spanish language school with courses like spanish immersion, intensive spanish, business program, medical internship.



StarStudy Spanish in Madrid - Why Study Spanish in Madrid, list of reason why you should come here.

Study and Travel in Spain - SpainExchange features a unique Spain Tour – personalized educational tours for high schools and colleges. The tours consists of exciting and remarkable sights and experiences such as discovery of Spain, history, the Al-Andalus legacy, landscapes and civilizations and so much more.

Learn Spanish in Santander, Spanish Courses in Santander,Spanish Language School Santander - Espaname is a Spanish language school in Santander, Spain, founded in 1953. We offer Spanish courses in Spain - Learn Spanish in Spain. Student accommodation and cultural activities.

Spanish Language schools - If you are in Spain and looking for a Spanish language school or are planning on coming to Spain to learn the language and become acquainted with the Spanish culture, this is the section where you will find the information you need.

Spanish Abroad - Learn Spanish Abroad in Spain and discover the Spanish language and culture. Reserve a Spanish course and student housing in Spain through our website and you'll have everything set up for you when you arrive. Search our site either by destination or course type. We work with only the best schools with the best prices for Spanish abroad on the market.

Don Quijote - Learn Spanish with don Quijote Spanish language schools. We offer Spanish courses in Spain & Mexico. Study Spanish with us!

Cervantes International - Cervantes International is located in Malaga, Spain, close to the beach and shops. Cervantes offers Spanish immersion programs.

UniSpain - Our many years of experience will ensure you get the best Spanish course available at one of our 15 destinations in Spain, where we work with only the best universities and Spanish schools.



Learn Spanish Chile - Description:-Start learning Spanish today with our free quality online resources and prepare yourself for your study abroad experience in our online community for learning Spanish.

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